Directed by Mathias Broe
Produced by Morph Film 



Three young men who don’t know each other are placed in an abandoned amphitheater and asked to work on an art project, where their bodies become the medium. 

As they work side by side and develop a sort of intimacy, the boys talk about the way they perceive their masculinity and sexuality. Anton has been happily exploring his flexible sexuality. Adam is settled in his trans identity but still figuring out his queerness in the choice of partners. Sigurd has never been with a man but feels like he will find truth in such encounters. 

Strangers become confidants to each other and find new depths of vulnerability and fluidity.

Mathias Broe has previously directed the short films "Young Man's Dance” and "Out of the Blue”, both exploring the relationships between two men.

"When I decided to make 'Amfi', it was a need that slowly emerged. I needed to express something about myself, my sexuality, my identity that I couldn't figure out how to express before," he explains.

In a borderland where confidence is either something you have or don't have, it is only through working on "Amfi" that Mathias Broe has started to step onto the side where he feels secure.

"Right now, I have a boyfriend, my first boyfriend, and I have no doubt or shame about it whatsoever. And it was cool to invite my family in to watch 'Amfi' and show that these are the feelings I carry. It's hard to talk about at the dinner table, so it was really nice to show something I've made because it's a film about something I genuinely feel," he says.

Mathias Broe

Morten Mortensen,  Mathias Broe

Maximilian Mayrshofer,  Anna Risgaard Dahl


Nicolai Lok

Nikoline Løgstrup

Mia Terry


Emil Davidsen

Mina Lejbølle,  Anne Oddershede

Anton Falck,  Sigurd Holm,  Adam Hawwa Vissing

The film won a danish Academy Award price for Best Short - Documentary in 2020.