Directed by Søren Peter Langkjær Bojsen
Produced by Frau Film & Morph Film 


“Another World” is a documentary series looking for new
kinds of meaning within the big, confusing mess that is our digital age. Over the course of eight episodes, host Søren Peter Langkjær Bojsen is venturing out on field expeditions along the front line of technological development. It’s a mixture of a new-wave documentary and a conspiracy video, it’s Chris Marker on YouTube, it’s Adam Curtis for a new generation of viewers, those born and bred in cyberspace.

Every episode unfolds as a kind of film essay, in which Søren Peter’s personal voice-over is accompanied by a flow of complimentary and contrasting video material, piling up to convey an original and thought provoking “world view” in cinematic form.

Every episode focuses on a niche phenomenon and from there unfolds a train of thoughts, associations, as well as philosophical arguments - ultimately uncovering some of the most essential tendencies of our time and pointing to what a future might look like.

Søren Peter Lankjær Bojsen is one of Copenhagens most interesting new talents. He is deeply enganged in the technological development of the world, and always strive to push the filmic form into expression mimicing the accelaring image reality all around us.