Directed by Kamil Dossar
Produced by Morph Film 



A stage unfolds and a love song is sung displaced from it’s owner. “Insert Song” is video-essay meditating on music and semiotics in relation to love, and how love declarations are falling victim to the image.

“Insert Song” was nominated to a NEW:VISION AWARDS at CPH:DOX 2023. In their program they wrote:

“Every film festival should have an award for the most abstract love film of the year (for what is more abstract than love itsefl?) and if we had one, it would go to Kamil Dossar for ‘Insert Song’ – an elliptical and very beautiful video work that starts on stage in an empty concert hall and, through its disembodied cinematography, floats through a photo lab and on to a lush park where a young couple is kissing by the water. ‘Insert Song’ is an arrangement. A juxtaposition of images, sound and objects with performative interventions that shift one’s expectations of the subjects we witness with simple, but profound gestures. A singer dressed in white, singing a ballad with a voice that is not his. A troll in full war uniform. Heart-shaped balloons. A single-note score indicates the horizontality of the open, non-linear structure that Dossar nonetheless pursues with precision.”