Directed by Enotea, Mário Macedo & Marco Stoltze
Produced by Morph Film


“Milkweed” is a cinematic essay on the beauty and pain of transformation, and about the love revolutions raging inside our many-gendered bodies. Shot over several years, the hybrid film follows a sprawling community of friends who are all, in each their own way, undergoing radical change. 

As the seasons turn, as they fall in and out of love, as they are changed by time and hormones, we witness transformation itself unfold its mysteries across their lives, and we follow them intimately as they journey to the depth of themselves and each other in search of how to love and how to change.

“Milkweed” is body cinema that brings the viewer down from the labyrinth of mind and into something more earthy and fractal. Like a thick flower blooming, the film unfolds a theme of just how spiritual and psychedelic transformation and transitioning really is.

The project is a community effort where collective storytelling is essential. The project seeks to challenge the classical structure of filmmaking, and for same reason has three directors. 

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