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For those who walk through doors / For those locked up in rooms / For those who comprise the threshold / For those who have passed away – The editors, 2020.

Conceived in Berlin in 2014 by Zoe Darsee and Nat Marcus, the poetics of Tabloid Press are environmental; their ecology is social. The press’ first publication, an extended gossip column released on newsprint, was directed towards the whole interpersonal terrain in which the authors were dancing and writing.

In the following years, TABLOID has released over 10 publications, its activities widening to include hosting poetry workshops, designing books and clothing, and providing textual documentation for live performance. All the same, its focus has still been on the environment – textual, visual, sonic and social.

Artists: Zoe Brezsny, Bitsy Knox, Gloria Lin, Christina Esther Hansen, Vi Khi Nao, Dre Roelandt, Max Shamash

Materials: Risograph print on paper, hand-marbled and silkscreened bamboo-paper covers. (Edition of 100)

Size: Varies

Year: 2020


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