Sculptural knitwear – fresh maybe new


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Fresh Maybe New is a Copenhagen based project made to create awareness towards the fact that wearable is a powerful tool to keep us in a lot of toxic structures. FMN strives to provide a way of breaking out of them.

The wearable sculptures from FMN are moldable and should connect with their owner to create a unique and beautiful expression.

FMN only uses materials that are secondhand or gifted from cute people to maintain a sustainable practice.

This piece is made to keep you curious and exploratory towards your wearable. 

Artist: Fresh Maybe New

Materials: Yarn (The yarn is gifted by a beautiful person. It was gifted to them by their grandmother)

Size: One-size

Washing instructions: Hang out in fresh air or put in the freezer. If you need to wash your piece, use a gentle soap and cold or lukewarm water. Hand wash.

Year: 2020

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