Battle Fatigue


Presenting the collaboration between with musician and artist Francesca Burattelli. The collaboration began with a series of visual works for Burattelli’s album ‘Battle Fatigue’ by photographer and artist Ville Vidø.

Later the video for ‘rebound’ took form with the idea of an intimate though uncanny visual world through a one-take that resonates with the bluntness and simplicity of the music. The video is produced by Marco Stoltze and Mikkel Ulriksen. The work refers to the need to exorcise relational traumas, co-dependencies and their toxicity.

The third part of the collaboration (coming soon!) is with artist duo Orgaphine, creating the music video for ‘torrent’. With Burattelli’s background in fine arts, it was an important aspect to create an elaborated visual universe that would co-exist and accompany the album.