Music video
Behind the Scenes
Photo series

This video came alive through a collaboration between Nadia Tehran, Furmaan Ahmed and Marco Franklin Stoltze. Taking a starting point in Nadia's concept of Dozakh, Furmaan created a physical representation of all lover's hell – after which Marco applied their perspective and visual language. The project came together in a massive communal effort, and the shoot became a sort of performance in itself. Along with the video, Ville Vidøe shot an editorial photo series.

“I’ve known Nadia for a while now and our relationship has brought forth a lot of understanding of complex issues. But there are things that can be hard to communicate in conversation, and which become more clear when working together. So this project became an intimate arena for me to understand Nadia’s trauma on another level. She really exposed herself and her history – and I’m very grateful for experiencing that.”

- Marco Franklin Stoltze

Music video / 04:05 min / 2020
Photo series / 6 images / 2020

Press: Azeema