Ei Blot til Lyst
Dear Friends

'Lightroom' is a collaborative project, made together with our friends at Bedside Productions; an ethical porn production company, based in Copenhagen. The project features a short film (Ei Blot til Lyst), photo series (Cornucopia), a documentary (Dear Friends), an album (In the light room) and mixtapes (A Demonstration in Versatility). The project is an exploration of pornographic image-making, and more specifically intimacy between men as a healing exercise to tackle toxic masculinity and rigid identity structures.

"I've always wanted to explore dysfunctional, toxic masculinity and how men being sensual together could act as a kind of antidote to that. But I didn’t know that that storyline would be so real. Just as we had started productions, our lead - Marc Helt - got beaten up and called a faggot on the streets of Copenhagen. After that, he really felt like opening himself up to a homoerotic experience, to rebuild a sense of trust to other men – and that’s exactly what I wanted to do with the film."

- Marco Franklin Stoltze

Hybrid-narrative / 15:57 min / 2019 / Dir. Marco Stoltze
Documentary / 14:27 min / 2019 / Dir. Kristian Thuesen
Photo series / Dir. Birk Thomassen

Selected for Berlin Porn Film Festival & Copenhagen Mix

Press: Indie Magazine, Papercut Issues