Wet For It

Following a twisted menagerie of cybernetic, biomechanical and chimeric creatures, Orgaphine explore their own bodies and sexual identities in this music video for Anetha and UFO95. Through various environments and avatars - from shallow-breathing horse babies illuminated by floodlight to visions of a hermaphroditic fertility goddess - Orgaphine wanted to tell a sensitive and provocative story about queer sexuality.

“The narrative is centered around Agena, who is the bird-like being with horse legs,” explain Orgaphine. “Agena moves around in this universe and connects with the horses through symbiotic, mutually benefitting relations. Agena is there to nurture the horses.”

Both a nurturing mother and a bound abomination, Agena’s erratic movement traces the strange momentum of Anetha and UFO95’s sound. Orgaphine created a sexual space “We tried to create a sexual space we can bring multiple sides of ourselves into and challenge a dominating stand on these topics; internalised ideas of our own bodies and sexuality.”

Music video / 04:14 min / 2022 /